Silicon Massage Bath Brush , Shower Brush, Scalp & Bathing Brush , For Cleaning Body , Silicon Bath Scrubber , Cleaner & Massager With Shampoo Dispenser, Bathing Tool , scrubber for bathing , Silicon Wash Scrubber , Cleaner & Massager For Shampoo, Soap Dispenser , body scrubber for bathing , Skin Massage Brush Bath , For Kids Men And Women

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Silicon Massage Bath Brush Hair, Scalp & Bathing Brush For Cleaning Body, Silicon Bath Scrubber, Cleaner & Massager With Shampoo Dispenser
Skin Massage Brush Bath body brush with shower gel dispenser can gently exfoliate, will not damage skin, promotes healthy skin, and activates blood circulation. It will squirt shower gel with a light push of the button on top. Use it every day to clean your skin
It is Eco-friendly, Durable, Non-toxic, easy to clean body scrubber.
This bath bubble brush help body deep clean skin, massage and promote the blood circulation. It is suitable for a wide range of people due to its unisex design, you can even use it bathing your pet.
Easy to Clean : Just wash it with hot water or running water, and there will be no foam residue, more hygienic than loofah. There is a hook at one end of the brush for easy hanging and storage, and easy to hold the palm.
Multi-purpose: this silicone brush scrub can be used as shower brush, facial brush, or even short hair wash, for your bathroom, your kitchen
The silicone body scrubber will give massage and use it to scrub your body

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