USB Spy Camera HD 720p Hidden Video Audio Recording Memory- Series 3, up to 32GB Memory Supportable Wired Security Spy Pen Drive Camera

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Our products give best video clarity and sound clarity. It is like this that you have done a makeup.
We will try our best to provide you a good service. Please use as per the instruction,
Please don’t charge more than 60min …. While charging red & blue light Flashes continuously and when it stop Flashing that means charging complete … 2. If the charging cross 60min and red & blue light don’t stop than also remove the Usb Camera from the Laptop / desktop. Please use as per the instruction. Firstly insert micro sd card in to the slot
START VIDEO/ AUDIO RECORDING: Use USB in correct time direction.Red & blue light flashes that means is machine on … after that red light will blink3 times that means standby mode). 1. To start: video recording press once left hand side down and then leave (light mode: red light blinks 3 times that means recording is started). 2. To power off: Hold right hand side down button for 1 sec and then leave (light mode: ONLY BLUE light blinks 3 times and it get switch off).
DATA TRANSFER 1. Kindly switch off the USB and then attached it to the computer. 2. While functioning please don’t attached into computer or electricity. 3. If you are unable to see the video and only audio is coming so please kindly redownload the media player to play the file.

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